Jim van den Bos
Jun 22, 2021


“He is so kind”
“The kindest person I know”
“Sweet and friendly and kind”
“He is, oh! So kind”

The only feedback I got.
Just that one part of me shining through.
I battled to show other bits.
Hoping I would impress with more.

Patiently and thoroughly.
To absolutely no avail.
The weak comment “Kind”,
Prevailed in all descriptions.

So yes I am apparently exactly that.
Fuck it, I will be Kind forever
After all I experienced, I still continued
Being what all others could clearly see.

Kindness is now my weapon and shield
Deflecting gossip and attracting friends
Luring opportunities and constructing backbone
Denying doubt and it’s my fuel for life.

As silly as old me would see it
The thing I cringed at hearing
Is now the biggest compliment
Call me kind
I’ll celebrate that you see me.



Jim van den Bos

I am an Amsterdam based writer, to whom poetry comes easiest. Love to explore storytelling, and how that works in real life as well. Curious about most things.